Single review – Raindrop’s “Killing Me”


Raindrop – Killing me

Boys and Gals don your Ray-bans and roll down the windows, Killing me has some of that sweet, sweet lo-fi indie –tude you gotsta love.

Picture this: you’re in your friend’s garage. They whip out the lo-fi. You know it’ll be good, it’s always good. It’s toe-tapping, danceable and shakeable. You smell the salt air now and you’ve found that Best Coast/ Fidlar vibe. It’s a perfect summer day and you’re riding that wave all the way into the shoreline.

Suddenly a cloud cover forms and starts to piss down on your parade. Oh why Raindrop did you have to ruin it all with a voice-box version of your catchy little chorus.

It was such a great summer romance, the vocals were loose and I wanted to get loose with you. For Christ sakes I had my Tambourine ready and everything.

But no, this relationship is over, just like this song.

Check it —>


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